Easy 15 Minute Masks for Covid-19

After trying two other Youtube methods for creating masks for the coronavirus, I found this one! Simple to understand and easy to make, these masks can be made in about 15 minutes. They are better suited to work for different size faces, too. I have an old serger that I have dusted off and using it to speed things up.

Please remember that any mask is only a preventative measure. You still need to maintain social distancing and avoid touching your face. If you make any mask, don’t touch it and then touch your face while taking it off. Wash your hands for 20 seconds or longer.

These masks can be washed! I dismantled an expensive air conditioner filter and cut them out to fit in them. They can be removed before washing. Filters and masks should not be washed. I did some research and these filters are “electrostatically” charged and washing removes their effectiveness. 

Make some for your family and friends! We need to protect those we love.

Who is that masked granddaughter wearing one of the earlier masks I sewed?

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