Toilet Paper Hoarding and Other Musings

Wearing my glaze-making mask at the local Walmart

The big-bad virus has hit rural Georgia. There are many reasons to be frightened of contracting a virus there is no vaccine for (yet) but most of the people I hear from are doing OK during this solitude hiatus with our families.

We all hope that this will be short-lived so life as we know it will return to normal, but if staying at home is what it takes to stop the spread Covid-19, I for one, believe this will work.

I am reading and watching the news non-stop. Today it was reported that young people were congregating on The Sands in Beaufort, SC, after they were turned away from other beaches. This is a cool little beach where our family goes to find lots of sharks teeth when we visit my brother and mother. Social distancing isn’t being taken seriously. Since day one, my family has tried to stay away from crowds and only visit stores to purchase necessary supplies. So far, I’ve been home for a week straight.

Yes, I wore my dust mask from the pottery studio to get prescriptions filled at Walmart! And toilet paper? Why would anyone want to take more than their share of toilet paper? The shelves have been bare of paper goods since this all began. I guess people plan on selling their toilet paper and paper towels on Ebay to everyone that DIDN’T grab everything off the shelf. If you are in a store and there are only four cans of green beans, it is only nice to leave a couple for someone else to buy. We didn’t buy any toilet paper before the pandemic and I think we have enough…but of course, I buy the 1000 sheet single ply rolls that last a long time.

Please enjoy your family, do some Spring cleaning, organize your photos, clean up your computer drives, cook something from scratch, and take a long walk with your dog or another loved one. Stay safe, stay calm, stay strong : D.

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