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5 Basic Travel Journal Tips

Do you wish you could remember all the wonderful people you meet, sights you see and goodies you eat on your travels? Besides taking great videos, journaling in a travelers notebook or dedicated journal is the best way to capture all the adventures in your own words.

Here are 5 basic tips to get you started:


  1.  Find a notebook you love and some accessories to make it fun to use. There is a notebook or journal to fit your style. Do you want a travelers notebook that has refillable inserts? Would you prefer a small Moleskine to stick in a pocket? With all the great selections out there, there is never an excuse to leave home without one. Throw a few colored pencils in your bag to sketch with, a bit of Washi tape and a couple of good pens, and you are good to go!
  2. Write it all down. Plan to write at least once a day…and more! Do little sketches while you ride the train or when stop during a hike. It is easier when thoughts and experiences are fresh on your mind. Make lists of things you purchase, names (and contact info) of interesting friends you meet, reviews of restaurants you tried, EVERYTHING!
  3. Leave space for photos & clippings. The new instamatic cameras are wonderful but the film is costly! Plan to shrink your best pics when you get home and have them printed. Also, save maps, business cards, tags and tickets to use in your journal. A glue stick, foldable “airplane-ok” scissors, and cello tape are great to have in your bag to stick it all right in your notebook. Take pictures of food, people, signs (with people in front of them for interest), scenic vistas and be sure you get some photos of yourself.
  4. Keep your notebook accessible & dry. Most bags have a spot to store your travelers journal. Keep it in a plastic bag if there is a chance it could get wet.
  5. Be sure to put your name and contact information in your journal. Things happen and you just might lose your journal. If your info is in there, there is a chance it will find its way back to you!
Ready to Journal
Travel Buddies
Traveling buddies, Beth & Julian


Packing for day travel
Nomadic Bag and traveler’s notebook…ready to go!

I have been to Scotland, England, Italy and now three times to Alaska (and as far North as New York State and as far West as Oklahoma). I’ve had a journal since the 5th grade and since I discovered travelers journals in 2015, I am even more excited to log my journeys!