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What’s in my bag…

I love bags.  Tote bags.  Little pouchy bags.  Big sachel bags!  Some people have a thing for shoes but mine is for bags and purses. I don’t buy them often, but when I do, I usually spend a little bit more than I would if I were just getting a casual purse. I spend a lot of time checking out features like pockets and where everything is going to go. I have been known to sit down in a store and dump my purse out and see if it will fit well into a bag I’m thinking about getting. Shopkeepers don’t like me much when I do that, I am sure.

My favorite everyday leather bag and my field notes journal

There are tons and tons of videos on Youtube about “what’s in my bag”. I admit that I watch them…even the ones that the blingy girls with tons of makeup and artificial nails have made. There is something fascinating about watching someone dump out their purse so you can see what is in there! That made me think that maybe what I am carrying around everyday in my bag might be of interest. I like to be prepared for long jaunts away from home, so I usually stick a pack of nuts or a protein bar in there as well but you will see that there isn’t much room left after I cram everything in. AND I even forgot to even show the nice pocket that my iPad fits in when I shot the video! My phone slips in there nicely, too!

And I mentioned in the video, I carry my laptop with me often (plus the A/C adaptor, some plastic files, markers & highlighters, a couple of external drives) so I do end up taking a backpack along sometimes. I can toss some fruit, a thermos of coffee, my stainless steel water bottle and even my big headphones. We live an hour away from the rest of our family, work and school, so we have to think ahead. (“Did I turn off the stove or did you??”)

I hope that lots of folks keep making “what’s in my bag” videos! There are so fun to watch. Watch my Youtube video and see what’s in MY BAG! Hey.  What’s in yours?