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Three Reasons to Use a Weekly Tracker System

Weekly Planner Task Spread

Why should you use a weekly tracker system? You have probably heard of trackers, used them, or know of someone who uses trackers. They help you keep you on “track” so you don’t let things slip through the CRACKS of your days, weeks, and months. The first thing to consider when deciding to use a tracker system, is which one to use.


Weekly Planner Task Spread
Check your calendar and then fill in your task spreads

There are some folks who use a monthly tracker because they want to see how well they have kept on task for the entire month. Then there are those who have a tiny daily tracker on their daily diary/journal planner page. Usually, these have only 5 or 6 check boxes for tracking habits..short and sweet.

However, I’ve actually found weekly trackers to be the best fit for me. Here are three reasons why:

#1 Weekly trackers can be adjusted frequently.

I find that planning a week at a time is the best format for working with a chunk of time without being overwhelmed. There are certain things that you need to focus on in a week that might not be relevant to the entire month or even the following week. If you take the time to carefully consider your schedule, habits that you want to change, and parts of your life that need improvement…you can put these all in a weekly spread and not be locked into an entire month of tracking the same things that may no longer be relevant.

#2 A weekly tracker system separates business and personal tracking easily.

A monthly tracker sheet is usually one huge page. When you are only tracking seven days, you can put business and personal items each on a half sheet, and still have room for a good descriptive list.  The spaces that are not “colored in” every day show sections that are not getting done. However, the stretches of time when each day’s block is completed is very motivating!

#3 Add and subtract items as needed each week AND during each week.

The fact that life is full of changes is a good reason not to lock yourself into a monthly tracker. When I start a monthly tracker and later add another item to the bottom of the list, I end up with a long unchecked line of boxes/blocks. Maybe it is the perfectionist coming out in me, but it makes me edgy to see unchecked boxes! If you are always tweaking your list of habits and tasks, using weekly trackers is the way to go.

Have you tried both weekly and monthly tracking? Which worked best for you?

If you haven’t tried using trackers at all, why don’t you start today? If you like the tracker system I am using, the Weekly Organizer with weekly tracker spreads is available in my web shop!


Weekly Planner Task Spread
Create lists first in pencil
Weekly Planner Task Spread
Use pen to write in your tasks over pencil
Weekly Planner Task Spread
Erase the pencil markings
Weekly Planner Task Spread
The perfect weekly task spread with no mistakes!