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Baby, It’s Cold Inside!

When we moved back to my “hometown” where I grew up as a teenager and beyond, my husband and I moved into a house that was not ready for us to live in. We bought it about five years ago and have lived here for two and a half. Because this was the home my mother built in 1972 and it had character, good structure and lots of good memories, I felt an obligation to rescue it and convinced my husband, Harry, that he should feel the same. It still means a lot to my mother, too, because it was a haven to her after her divorce of fifteen years. However, because of some life issues, we moved into it way too soon.

It still isn’t completely livable but it’s getting there! : D.

There are several things keeping us from completely finishing this house and the biggest being money and the second being our age (which also includes our lack of motivation and bouts of procrastination). It is a lovely place and it will be even better in another year or so but for now, we still have some rooms that are partially remodeled and that we don’t even heat.

But, this morning, we woke up to ICE IN OUR BEDROOM WINDOW. Crazy. I have woken up to a glass of water frozen solid when the temps dipped below 20 degrees while living in a log cabin (which was built from a 150 year-old tobacco barn, certainly not a log cabin kit with insulation and double-paned windows). This is the first time in this house it has gotten this cold and we even had a heater on in the room!. Remember this is central Georgia. The Deep South. The place where people from Michigan and the other northern states MOVE TO when they retire. We natives aren’t very used to cold, snow or freezing ice storms although they do hit us sporadically every decade or so.

My husband still thinks we are crazy to have moved into this place that needs so much work. It has taken these many months to even come to feel like it is home after moving from the Columbus area where he grew up. We left our family and friends behind to “save” this house and we are still in rescue mode trying to make it comfortable and happy. We are enjoying the open floor plan created when Harry and Quinn and Uncle Sid knocked out the living room wall, the winding wooden staircase, the dark wood trim in every room, and the brick fireplace that kicks out so much heat. Living here seems to be getting better and better and life is getting more comfortable with the remodeling coming along as we get the funds and time. It’s a big, big place with lots of room for everything including two studios and a big workshop. I hope to dig up a garden spot this spring AND get a few laying hens so I can have some fresh organic eggs for us and to share.

Still, we woke up this morning to the cold and had a few moments of thinking “what have we done, and why are we here?”  But those thoughts have already passed and the semi-warm living room has thawed my fears. We are home…at least for now.

This Narnia child came in to visit from our spare room…ha ha ha!