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A Simple Life

I want to live a simple life and my life goals, since I can remember as far back as fifth grade, have been to have a garden plot, a little house with some land, some chickens and a place to make art. Over the years I have lived in a few places that partially met those requirements but now I am in the most wonderful, perfect spot to do ALL those things. My husband and I have nearly four acres, a spring, fruit trees that need TLC, grape vines from France a former owner planted, a huge overgrown garden plot, a 24X20 out building (I will move my pottery studio there one day!) and a place to put chickens. Did I mention TWO studio areas inside the house?

I feel so blessed. The best part is that I am now able to do my art full-time and I don’t even have to leave home!

The only drawback to my dreams is the incredible amount of work left to be done here. I can’t plant a garden until we re-clear the land. I can’t get chickens until the coop is repaired and a run is built for them. Tiny chickens need to be protected from coyotes (yep, we have them) and hawks. I have terrible memories of the last two batches of chicks I tried to raise. The first had all their little heads chomped off by either a raccoon or a weasel…which one we will never know. The worst part about that horror was that my oldest daughter found them. She was traumatized for life, I am sure. The second batch of my feathered babies were slaughtered by a “Pomeranian Devil.” Nuff said.

For now I am content to paint walls, strip old wallpaper and take my hatchet and loppers to the woods to attack the ivy. You will hear much about the ivy if you hang around me long enough. It is very satisfying to see that the vines we hacked a couple of weeks ago are dying nicely and are quite brown.

So, for now, I will draw diagrams of my future garden and peruse chicken catalogs to decide what variety of chickens I will get next Spring.